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Steward of the story

Our mission is to be a steward of stories that impact brands, reputations, and lives. Our work seeks to educate, create value, inspire, and have a lasting impact.



Our Philosophy

Since the beginning of time storytelling has had an impact on culture and society. Our collective story of humanity helps us to understand a broader impact, shared purpose and values that bring us together.  A great story is devoted to something higher than the task at hand and has the power to create awareness that leads to action that can unite us for the common good.

There is tremendous social benefit to storytelling that seeks to unite through positive narratives with universal values.  Authentic stories illustrate how missions come to life and build trust with audiences that connects at an emotional level well before engagement decisions are ever made.

We’ve had the privilege and honor to focus on stories that truly matter and make a difference in our world. Guided by our mission to serve the greater good we help clients create content that unites communities for something larger. We thoughtfully customize our approach for each client through a multi-disciplinary focus that combines marketing, communication, public relations and advertising.

Compelling stories that drive word of mouth.

It’s not about creating good content. It’s about creating content that people want to share. It’s about weaving strategy and story together. Design,  photography, film, communications, marketing, advertising and public relations must all work together to tell your story. Typically, organizations have to hire separate experts to understand how paid, earned, and owned media channels work together. The value Encore Public Relations brings to each client is an objective and  efficient way to customize and integrate your storytelling needs.

We enjoy working with corporate marketing and communication teams, digital agencies, organizations and individuals who have a story to tell. Our services include:

  • Storytelling strategies and content suites
  • Media relations
  • Issue and crisis communication
  • Video production
  • Special events
  • Corporate and cause marketing