Powers Ventures

We create content that inspires, educates and informs audiences that our clients are trying to reach. Here's a sampling of the different stories we've had the opportunity to create and share with the world through our commercial and non-profit clients.
Integrated Storytelling Campaign | 2018 Ragan PR Daily Best Event Film

For more than a quarter of a century the Powers Ventures family of brands has taken great pride in serving the community. As one of Minnesota's largest catering companies, they are recognized nationally for excellence in customer service, culinary innovation, philanthropy and community goodwill. Our team has been engaged in multi-year campaigns to create integrated stories in marketing, communication and public relations that would position overall awareness along with the organization's mission and values. The Powers Ventures story has been shared locally, regionally and nationally garnering more than 4 million impressions in earned print, television, online and radio media outlets.

"We started collaborating with Laurie and her team about five years ago. We learned from them that marketing in this day and age is all about the importance of storytelling. It is crucial to get your message out of who you are and what you stand for. Laurie gets right to the heart of our business values, mission and purpose. Our marketing now comes from the heart and our consumers can feel the passion we have for service and our community. We will never look at marketing and storytelling in the same way." - Joe Powers, Founder