• Communicate through the power of story

    Stories create memorable experiences and build relationships with key audiences. The best brands are built on great stories.

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  • Purpose driven stories

    Authentic storytelling creates content that resonates at the highest level of engagement and sparks others to want to help you tell your story.

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  • Stories inspire

    The stories you tell should move people to laughter or tears and motivate them to take action. If your storytelling is done right you will help to inspire people to change the world.

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  • Stories are what people remember

    Even if they forget all the details they rarely forget how the story made them feel. Stories help create emotional connections and nurture long-term relationships that help your audience become a part of your brand experience.

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  • Story and strategy

    The paradox about effective storytelling is that the story is not about you; it’s about what you do for others. For a story to powerfully resonate humanity must shine through.

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Stories make a difference in today’s hyper connected and competitive landscape.

Technology has transformed the paid, earned and owned media environments and the demand for content is 24/7. Sophisticated consumers–both young and old, have emerged. When there are hundreds of thousands of brands vying for attention,  how do you rise above the noise?

To really engage audiences, you need to create a culture of authentic storytelling with ongoing editorial content. Your real value proposition is to create stories where humanity shine by illustrating mission, values, and purpose that create higher good in the world.

At Encore Public Relations, we develop storytelling strategies and execution of tactics across paid, earned and owned media. With more than two decades of experience we’ve been privileged to craft impactful stories for individuals from every day heroes and global thought leaders, to organizations–big and small, start-ups, non-profits, and Fortune 100 companies.


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